** Özel


4u1 arada makinada

AC, Aluminyum Tig kaynaklarini yapabilir

DC, Diger Tum metallerin kaynaklarini yapabilir

MMA, Elektrot kaynaklari yapabilir

Plazma, 12mm kadar kesim yapabilirsiniz


● Quality square wave power supply,stable arc,HF arc stabilization.


● Super strong oxidization film removal capability,cleaning width can be asjusted continuously,ensure good weld surface.


● Easy arc-starting,stable welding current,high speed of dynamic response;concentrative arc.


● AC welding unbiased magneitic;pertect welding seam forming.


● Phase lack protection,over-current,over-heat.


● DC function can be used for welding stainless,alloy steel,carbon steel,copper and other noferrous metal,AC function can be used for welding aluminium an aluminium alloy products.


● The adjustable TIG PULSE function can fullfill different complicate welding requirements.