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Full digital control technology helps to control droplet' s energy in real time, and “one pulse one droplet” transfer can be achieved. As a result, hardly any spatter occurs.
Applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.
Different welding process programs and data are designed for different aluminum alloys, The best weld can be achieved.
Synergic mode makes welding easier.
Rich expert welding database in collaboration with the welding parameters make it possible for the operator to only adjust the wire feeder rate when they need to change the working condition.
Using the optical as the feedback of wire feeder control to the load and input vibration, The wire feeding is much more stable.
Up to 30 Job Channels, the parameters can be switched quickly.
Open pulse welding parameters, which can help to adjust the proportion of each parameter freely, reduce the heat input and get an excellent welding performance.
Open double pulse welding parameters, which can help to obtain an excellent weld seam according to match of weld seam.
The internal menu can meet customers' all kinds of requirements.
Double pulse/single pulse/DC/OP welding model can be switched on the control panel.
The weld process firmware can be upgraded for different materials, such as Q690.
Optional function of connecting with robot communication and other multi-communication method.