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emiautomatic Dex PM (CM) 3000 - intelligent compact and lightweight welding machines. More features and better performance than traditional widely used welding machines for welding thin sheets.

Semi-automatic series Dex CM3000:

 ■ High duty cycle, high melting rate and high wire feed speed (max. 28 m / min). The maximum welding speed may be more than 2 m / min.

 ■ Smooth ignition of the arc and a high level of success ensures rapid formation of the weld pool and perfect weld in 0.3 seconds.

 ■ Soft welding arc and reliable gap closure effectively solve the problem of uneven gaps arising from cutting.

 ■ Concentrated arc, clear direction and strong penetration.

 ■ Intelligent welding energy management ensures that the energy is concentrated in the melting zone of the wire with a high deposition rate. Better control of the wire feed speed is realized with the same welding current.

 ■ Lower pilot arc current and more intelligent control of the current signal can reduce spatter.