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Statistically, 70% of the failures are caused by the weak control cable. Megmeet’s unique “bi-directional carrier communication” technology makes it possible to eliminate the traditional control cable. This highly increases the reliability of the welding system, especially for long distance welding condition. The distance between welding machine and the work area can be extended to 100 meters.
ArtsenCM500C have duty cycle of 500A@100%, wire feeding speed of 24m/min, which ensures high deposition rate work.
Thanks to excellent protection design of the wire feeder and PCBA, ArtsenCM500C can be used in the Vibration, collision,moisture, salt fog environment etc.
The wire A/V can be settled and displayed on the wire feeder, the operators don’t need to collocate external debugger and adjustment of the welding machines.
The high speed bi-directional carrier communication function can synchronize the wire feeder and welding machine high speed synchronization, The excellent anti interference signal can be achieved.
ArtsenCM500C and wire feeder can display error codes at the same time, And they can recover automatically after exclusion.
The wire feeder has over current protection function.
The solenoid valve has short circuit and open circuit protection.
The weight and size of welding cables is much smaller, so ArtsenCM500C can be moved much more convenient.